Digital Marketing Agency vs Creative Agency: Which One Is The Best For You?


So, you run a business and it’s time you took the marketing up a notch. You know you need a professional agency, BUT, you are not sure which kind of agency you need.

What is a digital marketing agency and what do they do?

It can be tricky to decide between these two types of agencies. Digital Marketing Agency and Creative Agencies operate in completely different worlds. But, both can offer a unique approach to every project. So, if you’re looking for a great, responsive agency, make sure you get in touch with Creative Reach. It’s a brand new agency with an extensive range of services. On the other hand, just because Digital Hub is one of the most well-established digital agencies in London, doesn’t mean it’s the right agency for you. Kreative Growth Media is also offering a broad range of services and a comprehensive approach to almost every client. Read on to find out the differences between Digital Agency and Creative Agency.


The services offered by digital agencies include

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • Pay Per Click or PPC advertisements on search engines and social media
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing and Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Collaborations with other digital entities and influencers
  • Web design & development

What is a creative agency and what do they do?

A “creative” agency (also called a “art” agency) specializes in doing graphic design, branding, print, packaging, typography, photography, web design, copywriting, etc. These kinds of agencies are often referred to as a “tactical” agency, as their work is usually on-the-fly (not long-term projects) and usually done by a single person or a small group of people. These agencies offer more practical elements to the agency’s expertise (such as outsourcing business process and analytics), but as I stated earlier, they are not “artistic” in nature. Digital agencies also do some type of creative work. But, you will be surprised how much more they do. The wide range of work these agencies can do How do digital agencies differ from creative agencies?



  • Designing logos
  • Designing brand experiences through brand stationarypackaging and other offline collaterals
  • Designing websites, mobile apps, social media campaigns to tell the brand story
  • Creating concepts and mood boards for shoots and campaigns
  • Copywriting for all digital and offline activities such as blogs, articles, websites, social media, ad copies, audio and video scripts
  • Creating infographics to break down heavy data and figures in easy to consume form
  • Creating email newsletter designs with a mix of visuals, content, and data
  • Audio Visual content for digital and television advertisements and promotions.

How to figure out which agency you need for your business?

Well, I’ve got a good answer for you! What Are The Differences Between Digital Agency and Creative Agency? Well, if you have to know which company is best for your business, first you have to know what kind of agency you need. Here’s the answer: Digital Agency is a company or firm that specializes in digital marketing. Now, if you’re an SEO enthusiast, or into social media marketing, then it’s a good choice to opt for a digital marketing company. But if you need a firm that can help you get a web presence for your business, then you should choose a Creative Agency. They focus on getting your product or service in front of people’s eyes – whether they are online or offline.


Digital Marketing Agency - Kreative Growth Media



And when you look for the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore Nagavara, you will see Kreative Growth Media rank on top of the charts.


And there are.

After Covid19 hit in 2020, businesses worldwide learnt  the importance of having an active digital presence. How it can help businesses serve existing customers better but also find new customers and avenues of doing business.

More business going digital has added to the digital chatter, making it harder to get noticed. This had made creative storytelling and using research & strategy to create digital campaigns even more important. It has also meant that what companies need now is not just a creative agency or a digital agency but a full service digital agency.

And Flora Fountain is one such full service digital agency that works with creativity. We have team of dedicated experts catering to both creative and strategic needs of businesses online, to provide an end-to-end digital marketing solution for businesses in Ahmedabad, India and worldwide.

We as a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, Bangalore design and develop websites and ecommerce solutions on WordPress, Magento, Shopify, custom websites in PHP, manage social media profiles, plan and execute their business promotion strategies on professional platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Business.

But, there’s more! Our teams also consist of creative brains, who can create designs and visuals that improves the recall value of the brand by many levels. This harmony between creativity, strategy and technology is what makes businesses stay on top of their competition. When the creative and digital tango, businesses become more profitable and more accountable to their customers.

We hope this has made the difference between a pure creative agency and a pure digital agency a little clearer. And helped decide how you want to market your business digitally. In which case, why are you still reading this. Drop us a message on for a free consultation.


The Digital Agency vs the Creative Agency is a very closely tied concept, you might need to select between one or the other depending on your budget. But before you decide to have a more detailed look into the comparison, you need to consider some other factors, like experience, size, location and tools.